(Motorsport-Total.com) – The FIA ​​wants in the Parabolica, the last turn at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, electronically check compliance with the route limits in the future. FIA race director Michael Masi announced this after a dispute over several violations broke out on the past race weekend.


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In Induction loops could soon be installed on the Parabolica Zoom Download

Induction loops Such a method is already used in Belgium, in the Ardennes Grand Prix at the Ardennes Grand Prix the white line was also monitored by means of electronic aids.

This has led to the drivers being more open paid attention to their line choice because no violations were recorded in a session. The issue was also discussed again in Italy, as Masi had already warned on Friday that departing from the racing line in the Parabolica would not go unpunished.

Two lap times would be canceled for a driver who gets one Wanted to gain advantage, announced Masi. However, incidents were only analyzed by video, for the installation of induction loops, it was already too late for the race weekend.

In training, several drivers times were canceled. In qualifying Sebastian Vettel escaped a penalty, however, after the commissioners have decided in doubt for the defendant . On the onboard footage, it was not clear if his wheels were still touching the white line.

In the future, Masi does not want to rely on video studies to make such controversial decisions. He suggested that in the future induction loops could be installed in curves such as parabolica. However, that would have to be planned well in advance for the equipment to be ready for the Formula One race weekend.

“Me think, we'll look at it, “says the Australian. “That was one of those cases for next year, and if changes are made, we'll check with our security department and the track inspector, play through various simulations, and talk to the track officials.”

The Parabolica, those elongated right turn, is one of those “primary areas” in which induction loops similar to Spa make sense, says Masi. “It all happens automatically, but it has to be planned weeks in advance to install it, and that could be a solution.”

The FIA ​​will also be taking all other solutions for the route limit. Seeing a problem because “everything that happens automatically simplifies our lives,” says the FIA ​​race director. A renewed extension of the gravel beds is an outdated method.

“We have to look at all options, will we bring back gravel beds, or a double curb, or grass?” These are all solutions that we have ready. ” The advantage of induction loops is clearly visible: “If someone outstrips the track limits too much, then – bang! – that immediately appears on the monitor.”

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