Former Renault boss and longtime Fernando Alonso manager Flavio Briatore reacted sharply to criticism given to his former guard by Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Just before Formula One Beyond the Grid official podcast about the prospect of Alonso coming to the Red Bulls team, he said:

»It would be very difficult to see him. It seems to cause chaos wherever it goes. I'm not sure the healthiest decision would be for Fernando to join our team. “

These words, however, greatly mistook the Spaniard's former manager and friend, Flavi Briatore, who gave Horner some harsh words.

I heard Horner say nasty things about Fernand. I don't tolerate someone like him saying that kind of thing, because his team certainly doesn't deserve the reward of dealing with their racers. Fernando is one of the best racers and is a great team player.

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