Formula One technical boss Ross Brawn thinks Sebastian Vettel is reliving the difficult season this year 2014 when he was overshadowed by young Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull.

After starting Sebastian Vettel's F1 season 2019 as the undisputed first name for Ferrari, Charles Leclerc took over primacy in Maranell after a summer break. Leclerc has won races at Spa and Monza, and Vetttla has won in the last seven qualifiers.

Ross Brawn compares the current situation with Ferrari to that of 2014 when Daniel Ricciardo joined Vettel at Red Bull.

“In a way, Vettel is experiencing what he has experienced 2014 when young and fast-paced Daniel Ricciardo came to Red Bull. Sebastian is certainly one of the best racers in F1 history, but now he needs the help of the entire team to regain the confidence he has lost in recent months. ”

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