(Motorsport-Total.com) – The heavy accidents of recent weeks, from the fatal Formula 2 crash in Belgium to the dramatic Formula 3 flight in Italy, have shaken up the motorsport world. Especially young pilots have witnessed for the first time how one of their generation was torn out of life. “We were shocked,” admits Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz


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“That hit us all hard “The Spaniard speaks about his first reaction when he heard about the death of Anthoine Hubert. “I woke up on Sunday morning and I went running, thinking about it and feeling that I had to race, I thought everyone should race that day.”

After all, racing is best Antidote to the shock, the McLaren driver is convinced. “I think Anthoine would have been proud that he would have liked it.” How does he deal with the subject in general?

“I honestly do not think about it, it may be right or wrong, but I never thought about the dangers in the Formula One car, yes 'Maybe in a wet race when you do not see anything.' For example, in Hockenheim at 300 km / h in blind flight, he admits it then.

“You might be a bit off the gas, but you do not think about the dangers and consequences of a serious accident, because at the very moment you think about it, you slow down,” says the Spaniard.

The Sainz family does not talk about this subject, he reveals. Father Carlos Sainz sen. has been exposed to great dangers in the rally car. “We just talked about what's riskier: Rally or Formula One.”

The detailed (**************************************************************************. Sainz believes that the FIA ​​should best decide what lessons will be learned from the accident for the future.

“They know the most and can say exactly what the riders on the I hope we get good answers for the near future. ” In general, the debate around “We're trying to improve the show, but at the same time safety.”

Sainz believes that just a few days before Hubert's tragic death many had agreed that the run-off zones contribute to boredom. “We need to find the safest run-off areas that will punish the riders at the same time – Anthoine's accident has put everything into perspective and shown that safety must be paramount.”

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