Longtime Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is still convinced after more than a decade that Formula 1 should abolish the points system and racers would fight for medals in F1 races.

Ecclestone made a proposal for a medal for years 2008 when he didn't like that Lewis Hamilton only needed a fifth place in the last race to win the title and he suggested introduction of a system of medals. The title would thus be won by the racer who would win the most gold medals in the season, the racer with the most wins. Ecclestone had intended to put the idea into action in the off-season 2009, but did not get much support at the time.

Nevertheless, Ecclestone remains convinced that the Formula One medal system would be significantly better, forcing racers to fight for victories.

Ecclestone told AMuS:

I have never supported this system. I think medals would be a much better solution. Whoever would have the most gold medals at the end of the season would become world champion. This would motivate the racers to win.

Bernie Ecclestone and seven crazy Formula One improvement ideas

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