Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto has revealed that Scuderia will bring a comprehensive upgrade package to the next race in Singapore to help the Maranell team eliminate the aerodynamic deficiencies it has experienced so far this season 2019.

While Ferrari is particularly impressed with the power of its long-range powertrain this season, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have significantly more trouble balancing their car when cornering.

Binotto assures that Ferrari has already taken a step forward in aerodynamics, and Scuderia will bring a major package of updates to the race in Singapore.

“We will be making a number of improvements to our SF car in Singapore 90. Following the races so far, Maranell has thoroughly analyzed all the data and discovered quite a few shortcomings that we will try to address in Singapore. We believe that we now finally understand the performance of this car and will try to improve our aerodynamic package. The fact is that we need to increase downforce and the next race will be a good test for our car. ”

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