A guide to securing a fast lap around the varied Malaysian venue, where eSports finalists will contest the third race of the Global Series

The second round of the 2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship is here with the third and fourth races of the series offering up a shot at redemption for those chasing early leader Cristianmm17.

Taking place at the #AragonGP the 12 finalists will take on the varied, technical Sepang International Circuit in the first race, with as many as 25 points on offer for the 12 contestants.

How to be fast at Sepang International Circuit 18/09/2019

Things will start to hot up for Race 3 of the Global Series as we head to the heat and humidity of Malaysia

In terms of weather, there are few challenges like it. The Malaysian Grand Prix often takes place in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees and humidity of 55 percent. Riders talk of this being the most physically demanding challenge of the year. On track finding adequate rear traction is therefore a priority.

The 5.5-kilometre Sepang International Circuit serves up a great deal of variety. Be it the awesome turn three, or the downhill turn five, there is plenty of fast bends to excite. But a smattering of heavy-braking hairpins are thrown in, to ensure a compromise is needed in terms of bike set-up.

Another unique facet of the track is its width. At 16 metres wide, an array of lines is available, particularly though the faster bends. It also means should a rider miss a braking marker, there is adequate space to recover.

It all starts with the full-throttle run to turn one where riders brake from well over 320kph in sixth gear to a leisurely 60kph for the turn one hairpin. Do most of the braking to ensure a stable entry. A short squirt of throttle is then required as you pitch into the tight turn two.

2019 MotoGP™ eSport Global Series Round 1 Race 1 15/09/2019

Watch Race 1 in the first of three MotoGP™ eSport Global Series live events with Matt Dunn and Jack Appleyard

Then the track really starts to open up. Throttle application will be tested to the maximum through turn three as the gamer slowly moves through the gears, but soon enough there is the change down to first gear for turn four.

The pupil-dilating decent into turn five will test front end stability to the max before the fast turn six, and turns seven and eight, which require minor braking efforts before turning in at speed.

Turn nine is a tricky first gear corner that requires total precision for the run toward turn ten, a glorious long right that needs smooth power application before braking gently on the angle for turn eleven.

Only gentle braking is needed for the fast turn twelve, a high-speed bend that leads into turn 13 and the crucial 14, which are taken as one. Change down from fourth gear to first and be sure to hit the apex of 14 to make sure you have the best drive possible onto the back straight.

Then it’s a quick change from sixth gear to first for the tight, tricky turn 15, a bend that offers up one final overtaking opportunity for contenders chasing victory.

2019 MotoGP™ eSport Global Series Round 1 Race 2 15/09/2019

Watch Race 2 in the first of three MotoGP™ eSport Global Series live events with Matt Dunn, Jack Appleyard & special guest Fabio Quartararo

2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship finalists will enjoy the favourable weather conditions and take the plunge to claim the third eSport crown.

Stay tuned! On Friday at 19.30 (GMT 1) a 1 hour show will be broadcasted live worldwide across MotoGP™ eSport Channels (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) plus motogp.com and key MotoGP™ Broadcasters. 

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