The last European stop-off before heading east will push Michelin’s tyres to the maximum

The flowing, undulating MotorLand Aragon plays host to the Gran Premio Michelin® de Aragon as the tyres face a punishing test at Round 14 of the 2019 campaign.

Aragon GP: Turn AragON 15/09/2019

MotoGP™ arrives at Motorland Aragon for Round 14 of the 2019 season: the Gran Premio Michelin de Aragon

Aragon’s 5.078km anticlockwise layout is an array of fast-flowing bends, long straights and tight hairpins. The 10 left-handers and seven right-handers mean the rear Michelin soft, medium and hard slick tyres will be asymmetrical in design, featuring a harder left-hand shoulder. The front soft, medium and hard will all be symmetrical.

Situated in the picturesque mountains of northern Spain, Aragon isn’t shy to a bit of wet weather. Michelin’s Power Rain tyres will be on hand if we experience any downpours, with the front soft and medium compounds available with a symmetric design. And, like their slick counterparts, the rear soft and medium will be asymmetric.

Overtaking hotspots: MotorLand Aragon 17/09/2019

A look at the best places to overtake and where we can expect the most action at the Michelin® Aragon Grand Prix

Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager: “It is a very special thing to have the Michelin Grand Prix in Europe, it is closer to Clermont-Ferrand than Australia was, so there will be many people from the factory visiting us to understand more about MotoGP and see the excitement for themselves. Aragon is a very demanding circuit, its layout needs close attention and the surface can be cool in the mornings, very hot in the afternoon and can also be quite abrasive if the wind blows the dust over it from the surrounding area. We have to make a range to contend with these different factors and as was shown last year – when it was the hottest it had ever been at Aragon for MotoGP – we gave the riders an allocation that all could use and set some fast times. We have unfinished business at Aragon and will be looking to set some records and are determined to do that as it is ‘our Grand Prix’.”

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