Mclaren team boss Andreas Seidl is convinced that Ferrari's right is a thing of the past that Formula One should definitively abolish when the new rules of flight are introduced 2021.

Ferrari, as the oldest and most successful Formula One team, has for many years been granted an exclusive veto over the change of rules that may be used in certain circumstances in Maranell.

Formally vested Fia Ferrari with the possibility of a veto of the year 2005, but the concept itself has long roots. Decades ago, Enzo Ferrari made it possible for its team to use V 12 engines, while most of the startup race was V8 racing. Enzo worked hard for that right, trying to prevent any Ferrari engines from being banned at any time.

Mclaren team boss Andreas Seidl believes that Ferrari's veto is an outdated matter that does not fit into modern Formula 1.

'McLarn's position is clear here. Ferrari's veto is a “surviving” matter that Formula One should end. Hopefully this will be settled in the off-season 2021 when the new Concorde contract comes into force. ”

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