Ferrari has unveiled a new aerodynamic package on the Marina Bay runway before the Singapore race weekend, with the aim of significantly reducing Scuderia’s lag behind Mercedes and Red Bull when cornering.

While Ferrari is impressing with the power of its powertrain on long planes this season, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have significantly more problems with their balance in corners.

A team from Maranello has brought a modified front wing to Singapore, which, according to Ferrari engineers, is expected to bring an additional three tenths of a second to the lap time. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc will also use a new rear wing, flour and diffuser on the Singapore streets.

El nuevo morro de Ferrari con bandeja y entradas divididas.

The new Ferrari’s carry with a cape. pic.twitter.com/Vho6feEAst

– Albert Fabrega (@AlbertFabrega) September 19, 2019

PART 3: A Look Around The Scuderia Ferrari SF 90 # AMuS # SingaporeGP


– Junaid #JB (*********************************************) (@JunaidSamodien_) September

, 2019

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