(Motorsport-Total.com) – Despite his failure in Monza, Daniil Kwjat is once again getting around a motor penalty in Singapore. The Toro Rosso rider failed a oil leak at the Italian Grand Prix, but an investigation by Honda revealed that the engine itself was not damaged: “He's okay It was not damaged, so we can continue to use it, “confirms Kwjat.

Daniil Kwjat


Daniil Kwjat is allowed to take his normal starting place in Singapore Zoom Download

Another engine change would definitely have resulted in a penalty, since Kwjat is already above the allowed limit for all six elements ( To the overview of the motor penalties ). For example, Kwjat has already used five combustion engines – three are allowed in the season “But here we do not have to take any punishment,” he says relieved.

In Singapore, all four Honda vehicles will be equipped with the latest Spec 4 unit, even if the track itself not as much engine power required as Spa or Monza recently. “We have not seen any limitations on the latest Spec, there was no discussion whatsoever whether we use it or not, even if it's a street circuit: why should not we use it?” Said Kwjat.

For Honda, the Russian has much praise. Although there is still some performance on Saturday, one thing is for the music on Sunday: “We are fighting with the same weapons, so it is the encouraging sign of Honda,” he says. “We were able to fight and overtake in Monza, too, and I'm really happy with the progress that gives us hope for the future.”

Singapore should be a little better on the paper, because it does not depend so much on the engine. But if Toro Rosso really benefits Singapore, Kwjat wants to wait: “Sometimes we got here, and the car was good, although we did not expect that, and when it was good, it was not good,” he remains cautious.

“So I prefer not to say anything and just do my stuff,” the Russian continues. “We've done well on tracks like Spa or Monza, and now we want to see if we can be good on tracks like Singapore too, in the past the track was good for Toro Rosso, and hopefully we can get the points we got in Missed Monza. “

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