(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Mercedes team wants to hit back after the “ damage limitation ” in Belgium and Italy on the street circuit in Singapore. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas appreciate their chances for a strong weekend, finally the W (**************************************************) on the paper like one of the favorites. Only the cooling will be observed, after all this is the Achilles heel of the Silver Arrows.

Lewis Hamilton


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“I am sure that we are definitely up radar, “Hamilton said. At the Marina Bay Circuit, temperatures of up to Percent.

“These are not the hottest temperatures we've seen so far, but hopefully it stays that way. ” Even in Austria, the cooling of the drive was heavily used, so that Mercedes had to defeat against Red Bull and Ferrari.

In contrast to Spielberg Singapore, however, is on the sea, the altitude can the engines therefore do not bother. Therefore, the favorite role for the series winners of the previous years seems to be reserved again. “Every year we come here and the balance of power shifts between Ferrari, Red Bull and us,” states the World Cup leader

Red Bull in particular has the Briton back on the bill : “We expect them to be strong again this weekend, I have no idea if Ferrari will be fast too, we will focus on ourselves.” Because he has noticed that Mercedes has not performed so well in Singapore in the past few years.

“Nevertheless, we were not always able to achieve such bad results due to certain circumstances, so I hope that we will do it well this time. ” He also emphasizes what an exhausting race is in front of him, after all, the night race is the “hardest race of the year” – physically and mentally.

(****************************************************************) Singapore Grand Prix – Technology (***************************************************************************)

Like in a trance, Hamilton drove to pole position last year. As “19091801 epic round ” Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff described the pole time. “Honestly, the memory is blurry, which was obviously a special round,” recalled the five-time world champion.

He knows what's important on a fast lap: tire management. “The tire temperature has been a big issue for the first time since I drove here It will be a bit more difficult, because it's a very long lap. “

The happier he is that he has managed his pole lap:” It was easy the right round at the right moment, the chance of that happening is relatively small. ” The right timing, the positioning, the focus – it depends on many things. “You need a rhythm, that's the key to unlocking your potential.” So he could retract his seventh Singapore podium and the fifth victory.

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