Daniel Ricciardo, after qualifying, has come under investigation by FIE commissioners for irregularities in the operation of the MGU-K. The FIA ​​is still investigating the matter, and the Australian is threatened with disqualification from qualifying results and a start from the start of the startup.

Daniel Ricciardo finished eighth in qualifying, and a regular inspection of his car would indicate irregularities in the MGU-K system, which would produce more electricity than required by the FIE Technical Regulations.

In its report, FIE Technical Delegate Jo Bauer states that Ricciardo is expected to exceed the 120 kW limit as far as the MGU-K unit can produce, as a rule. Bauer referred the matter to commissioners, who called Renault to defend it, and Ricciard is threatened with disqualification from qualifications. If this happens, Renault will have to apply for the Riccard start from the last start line.

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