Formula One Formula One racer Ralf Schumacher is convinced Sebastian Vettel will have to leave Ferrari if he fails to beat Charles Leclerc by the end of the World Cup to consolidate his status on the team.

While Charles Leclerc celebrated a huge victory in Monza, Sebastian Vettel remained even without points after a serious mistake. Ralf Schumacher is convinced that the German will have to leave Ferrari if he fails to regularly beat his younger teammate at the end of this season.

Schumacher told Sky F1:

Obviously, Leclerc assumed primacy at Ferrari, while Vettel, with poor form, wasted most of the credit he had in Maranell. Their statements also indicate that the scale is slowly leaning into Leclerc's side. Vettel will need to show dominance over his team mate in the next races and justify his reputation as a four-time world champion. Otherwise, it might just be that he will have to leave Ferrari, possibly after the end of this season.

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