After the race for the Singaporean GP, ​​Charles Leclerc was visibly dissatisfied with Ferrari's decision to stop as the first to call Sebastian Vettl despite being on the track behind him. Leclerc, who has repeatedly complained over the radio over the course of the Ferrari strategy over the course of the race, is convinced that Ferrari did not act fairly this time.

Sebastian Vettel took advantage of fresh tires with an early stop, drawing two extremely fast laps, which meant that Leclerc returned to the team after his stop.

Leclerc was deeply disappointed after the race over the split:

It is very difficult to lose winning in this way. I was in control of the race and I don't understand why Vettel did the The idea of ​​an undercut is to make a stop a few laps ahead of the racer we want to overtake.The racer with an earlier stop gets the advantage of new tires and can in principle drive faster times than his competitor who still rides with worn tires. for him and the undercutt has succeeded. It is, in principle, a series of two or three fast laps on fresh tires. But there is always a danger that the first-time racer will return to the traffic of slower racers and cannot take advantage of an earlier stop. ” href = “https://portal-f1.si/glossary/undercut/”> undercut . I don't think this was fair, but in the end we achieved a great team result, which is most important.

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