David Schumacher, son of former Formula One racer Ralf Schumacher, will replace the injured Alex Peroni on the Campos Racing team and make his Formula 3 debut at the end of Sochi.

Alex Peroni was injured in a severe accident at a Monza race when he first hit one of the curbs in Parabolica, then literally flew over a guardrail. Peroni suffered a vertebral fracture in the accident, and surgeons did not opt ​​for surgery but prescribed a young racer a month of rigorous rest. Peroni will thus miss the finale of this year's F3 season, which will be held in Sochi this weekend.

Campos have announced that Peroni will be replaced by cousin Mick Schumacher at the season finale, 17 Annual David Schumacher, who is currently racing in the European Single-Seater Regional Championships, where he holds third place.

Young David Schumacher is excited about the opportunity:

“I am very fortunate to be able to join such a distinguished team as Campos Racing. This will be my first experience with such racing cars and therefore it is necessary to be realistic. My goal is primarily to learn as many new things as possible. ”

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