(Motorsport-Total.com) – Daniel Ricciardo had to swallow a bitter pill on Sunday morning in Singapore: Due to a illegal MGU-K system the Renault driver was transferred to the end of the grid. The Australian was still after the messed-up night race (P angry at the decision of the FIA ​​commissioners. He demanded the money back for his plane ticket, after all the weekend had been “a waste of time”.

Daniel Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo does not understand his disqualification in Singapore Zoom Download Punishment not understand. “I had a very restless night because I had to think in my head why a punishment would be so severe.” Specifically, the Renault driver was accused that his energy recovery system (MGU-K) briefly more than the maximum allowed 120 kilowatts of performance in qualifying has released.

The commissioners who have decided in Singapore on the sentence for Ricciardo were Tim Mayer (Chief Commissioner), Enzo Spano, Nish Shetty (nominated by the National Motorsport Association in Singapore) and Mika Salo (driver commissioner). Ricciardo also makes his angry speech to these four gentlemen.

“The [Vergehen] happened once on a single lap, so if that happened throughout the session on every turn, I would not complain, but it's like Distance limits, “he compares.” You are going too far, you are taking advantage and your round will be eliminated. “

He has not gained any advantage from the higher performance, Ricciardo points out Furthermore. “Nevertheless, they have cleared the result.” Although he was disqualified, he was allowed to race on Sunday with a special starting permission.

Ricciardo announces that he will continue to express his opinion freely. He feels betrayed. “They do a great job on the track, let us race, but why are they punishing me for something that is not even in my power?” He is puzzled.


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Robert Kubica (5): Es ist schade, dass sein märchenhaftes Comeback nach nur einer Saison endet. Sportlich, so ehrlich muss man sein, gab's jedoch keinen Grund für eine Verlängerung. Kubica fuhr in Singapur eine super erste Runde. Aber immer wenn's um schiere Pace geht, zieht er gegen Russell den Kürzeren.

Robert Kubica (5): It's a pity that his fairytale comeback after only one season ends. Sporty, you have to be honest, but there was no reason for an extension. Kubica drove a great first lap in Singapore. But whenever it comes to sheer pace, he loses out on Russell. Photo gallery

He had the feeling that the commissioners had formed their opinion before the hearing of the team leaders. “Why talk to people who do not listen to you – so they thought an appeal would not be worth it.” Renault therefore no objection against the verdict.

Although those responsible were able to prove that the advantage came in a Q1 round (not his fastest) when Ricciardo rode hard over a curb. As a result, his wheels lifted briefly from the ground, it came to Wheelspin – and thus for a microsecond to a barely measurable performance of the MGU-K.

“The comparison with the route limits makes it If I've had an advantage, then clear my lap, but immediately destroy my whole weekend … “, Ricciardo disagrees and rumbles:” I think they should me my business It was just a waste of time to come here. ” not ” The Australian can understand the frustration of the 23 – year old. However, he holds against it: “When it comes to technical violations, Martin Brundle has put it succinctly: Either you are pregnant or not, it can only be one of them.”

There is no discussion in case of violation of the technical regulations. Because: “Personally, I think that we enter dangerous terrain when we suddenly allow room for technical violations.” There are already areas that are not allowed to be crossed anyway.

This range is applied equally to everyone. When determining the verdict was also absolutely irrelevant, whether the driver took advantage of it or not. That's why there are certain tolerance limits. FIA Chief Technology Officer Jo Bauer finally had to pass the infringement on to the commissioners when the (******************************************************************) Kilowatts have been exceeded.

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