(Motorsport-Total.com) – Tactical was the Singapore Grand Prix 221293 a exciting matter . However, the big action on the track did not materialize in the two-hour race, especially in the early stages. The reason for this was leader Charles Leclerc, who braked the field from the first lap . That not only had an impact on the top – but on all riders.

Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, Alexander Albon, Lando Norris


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“We were so slow. […] We were three to four seconds slower than normal pace per lap,” McLaren driver Lando Lando tells Sky, explaining, “In a sense, it was quite relaxed, but it did I was also annoyed because I knew all the riders behind me could stay in. We wanted to get a small gap in the back but that was not possible. “

Norris finished the race finally seventh and thus “Best of the rest”. But he is not really happy. It was exhausting, but the first “he shrugs and explains,” It was more of a (**************************************) – lap race. ” Because the second half of the race was also interrupted by three safety car phases.


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Of the total 61 Rounds were so few really completed at the limit. Asked if that was bad for Formula One, Norris answers, “Yeah, I guess so, it was kind of nice because I was not that tired, but that's not racing, we sat there and did nothing. It's just boring and does not look good, but it's just that the tires are so bad. “

Lewis Hamilton also blames the track. With regard to overtaking opportunities, Singapore is “almost worse than Monaco,” said the World Champion. “We might have to change the last corner,” he muses, explaining that you can not follow the current layout from the last corner. He proposes as alternative a hairpin curve.

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