(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 has in an internal document to the teams new designs for the wings of the vehicle concepts 2021 announced. There were no pictures to the public, but some information. The vehicles will look even more dramatic than in previous designs and their front wings to the wings of modern passenger aircraft recall.


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In the original design, the nose was directly connected to the main blade of the front wing, which has been reduced to three elements (currently five). The rear wing goes straight into the endplates.

Now, Formula 1 has internally presented a vehicle called “Lima” that has got “more elegant and dramatic front and rear wings.”

Formula 1 technical director Pat Symonds and FIA monoposto Nicolas Tombazis have focused mainly on the front wing. This should have a “futuristic bow” and thus be different from the current straight front wings.

The 2-meter wing should “swing up dramatically, like the wing tips of a passenger plane.” The teams can develop freely in this area.

Main focus remains race action Also on the rear wing was created again hand: It is to be wider for aesthetic reasons. In addition, the end plates are swung in.

Further changes concern an “approximately 25 mm” lower tip of the nose, a new underbody, a higher chassis and a larger cockpit thanks to a higher headrest and roll bar.

“The results are better than anything I would have thought when we started the project. “ Pat Symonds

In August, a wind tunnel model 50 – percent scale tested in the wind tunnel. The regulators were very pleased with the results. The goal that the cars can follow each other better and so the racing is improved, seems to work. The wind tunnel tests with “Lima” will last until October until the rules for

The tests will be about whether the front wing can also be narrower without creating more turbulent air. The top priority, despite all the aesthetics, is to better follow the lead man.

In August, Symonds said: “The results are better than anything I would have thought of when we started the project With the current configuration, the results are outstanding. “

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