Mclaren and Mercedes have also officially confirmed that they will resume the legendary partnership in the off-season 2021, and Mclaren will be racing with Mercedes's powertrains at least until the end of the season 2024.

Although the Mclaren team is experiencing significantly better times after splitting with Honda along with Renault, the Woking team has decided to return to Mercedes earlier this season 2021.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has announced that a return to Mercedes for McLaren marks the beginning of a new era:

“This arrangement is an important factor in our long-term vision of returning to the top of Formula 1. Mercedes is synonymous with success and a logical choice for Mclaren.”

Mclaren raced for the last time with Mercedes engines 2014 and then the legendary British team decided to partner with Japan Honda, which was marked by with many failures and poor results.

The Woking team should thus be involved with Mercedes during the off-season 2021, as Mclarn believes that this is the best solution for the second most successful Helped the F1 team to the top.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is also pleased with the deal:

We are proud to welcome Mclaren back to our family. Both brands share historic prestige and we hope that our long-term partnership will benefit both teams in their fight for the Formula One summit.

McLaren Racing and Mercedes-Benz announce that the McLaren F1 team will be powered by Mercedes from 2021 until at least the 2024 season under a long-term agreement.

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– McLaren (@ McLarenF1) September 28,

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