After the race for the GP of Russia, Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto explained why the Maranell team used team commands in the opening phase of the race and confirmed the existence of a team arrangement before the race.

Sebastian Vettel overtook Charles Leclerc with a great start in the first corner and took the lead in the race, a lap later calling on the German Ferrari to respect the team agreement and return to Leclerc the position he had gained thanks to the leeway .

Despite repeated calls, the German did not want to do this, and after the race, both Ferrari racers described the team arrangement a bit differently.

After the race, Leclerc said:

“We agreed to offer him some leeway because we wanted to overtake Hamilton. The team revealed that our start was the equivalent, and Sebastian was in a better position because of the leeway. I thought our agreement was quite clear, but now we have to see what actually happened. “

However, Sebastian Vettel obviously understood Ferrari's strategy a little differently:

“I don't know what happened. We had an agreement before the race, and we also talked to Charles about our strategy. Maybe I didn't understand something myself. “

Team boss Mattia Binotto explained the Ferrari strategy after the race.

“We knew the position on the track was going to be extremely important and we wanted to outrun Hamilton at the start. Before the race, we agreed not to give him a whirl, while Charles would try to help Sebastian, who started out fantastic and had passed Hamilton before the first bend. We instructed Sebastian to return the position as it was such an agreement, but in the first part it was faster and so we continued without changing places. In the end, we were unable to win due to technical difficulties, but Ferrari was again competitive and this is the most important. ”

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