Mercedes boss in F1 Toto Wolff was proud of the efforts of his team after defeating the favored Ferrari on the Sochi track after a double victory in the Russian GP.

Lewis Hamilton made his way to management thanks to a virtual safety car caused by Sebastian Vettel's resignation, and the Briton also went hand in hand with a safety car following the collision of George Russell.

After the race, Wolff acknowledged that Mercedes was also lucky this time, but stressed that it allowed the silver arrow team, the decision to start with a harder version of tires, more leeway in extending the introductory part of the race.

“It was one of those races that shows that points are being shared on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. We managed to win a double win even though we didn't have the best package, which is a very special feeling. We started the race with a medium-hard version of the tires, which allowed us to be in a good position with the safety car. After Vettl's resignation, the race began to work in our favor, and both runners did their job excellently. “

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