After the race for the Russian GP, ​​Ferrari found itself on the front pages of Italian newspapers again, but this time for completely different reasons than after the Singapore race. While the Italian public celebrated a double victory a week ago, this time the hot topic was a fight between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

The Italian press has unanimously emphasized that Ferrari's race leadership did not perform well, and the team commands at the start of the race only created additional confusion that made Ferrari easy to win.

So what did the main Italian sports media write about the day after the Sochi race…


Leclerc 3rd, Ferrari at war…

Leclerc didn't understand why Vettel overtook him and then didn't returned positions. Vettel did not understand why the team stopped him so late in boxing, as he lost his place against Leclerc. Ferrari controlled the race but eventually lost it because of this internal struggle.

Gazzetta dello Sport

Delusional and big tension in Ferrari

Ferrari was guaranteed a double win in Russia, and Vettel's resignation changed everything and Mercedes won 1-2. But there is a huge tension in Ferrari now, and both drivers are in conflict.

Corriere dello Sport

Ferrari, it is war!

Leclerc did not like the fact that Vettel overtook him, and then refused to give up his position. Ferrari did not handle the situation well and Mercedes was able to take advantage and win the Ferrari-dominated race.

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