World Champion of the Season 1997 Jacques Villeneuve thinks Ferrari too complicated his strategy in the race for the Russian GP, ​​and consequently, according to the Canadian, the Maranella team was punished by “karma”.

Sebastian Vettel overtook Charles Leclerc in the first corner and took over the race, and a lap was later called on by the German Ferrari to respect the team agreement and return to Leclerc the position he had gained through the leeway.

Despite repeated calls, the German did not want to do so, and after the race, Jacques Villeneuve commented on the Ferrari scrimmage for the Italian Sky F1.

“I don't like how Ferrari executed the strategy. At first, Vettl was not ordered to release Leclerc immediately, and then halfway through the race they considered replacing their racers. Vettel was faster today and deserved to stay in the front. Ferrari punished karma this time. “

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