The popular TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, described teenage activist Greta Thunberg as a spoiled brat and advised her to shut up and go back to school.

A young Swedish climate activist recently spoke before the United Nations Presidency on climate change, accusing of all those present of destroying her childhood through irresponsible climate policy.

Jeremy Clarkson responded to Greta’s speech in his column on The Sun:

How dare you sail to America with a carbon fiber yacht worth 15. millions of pounds you didn’t earn. You forgot to mention that this ship has a back up diesel engine. Adults make and service Swedish fighter jets to protect you. We have provided you with the mobile phones, computers, internet and social networks that you like to use. So how dare you stand there and teach us, you spoiled brat. Science will find a solution to the problems, and the people you blame are already working on solutions. So be a good girl, shut up and let them work.

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