Winning the race for the GP of Russia put Lewis Hamilton even closer to the sixth title, which would place the Briton in second place in the eternal rankings, just behind Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton has 73 points ahead of teammate Valtteri Bottas, and is still on the last five races 130 points. Every Formula One race win 25 points, plus an extra point for every driver in the top ten and the fastest lap in the race.

* The F1 point system for the top ten racers in each race is: 25 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 10 – 8-6-4-2-1.

It is clear that we will not see the final decision in the next Suzuki race, where Hamilton can increase his lead to the maximum 99 points while there will be more in the rest four still available 104. It seems likely that Hamilton will win the title in one of the next two races, the Mexican Grand Prix at the Rodriguez Brothers Auto Show or the US Grand Prix in Austin.

What must Hamilton's advantage be in order to become World Champion in Mexico or the USA?

• Run 78 points or more after the end of the race in Mexico.

• After a race in the US, he must lead by 52 points or more.

It is unlikely that the decision would be postponed to the Brazilian GP race, where Hamilton's lead over runner-up Bottas would have to be 27 points


Unlike the driver's license, Mercedes can win the constructor title at the next Suzuki race.

Mercedes has five races ahead of this year's F1 season 162 points to jump ahead of Ferrari's closest pursuer, and the Silver Arrows team will win the constructor's F1 title in Japan for the sixth consecutive time in Suzuki scores 15 points more than Scuderia from Maranell.

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