Pierre Gasly on uncertain future: “Will drive 15 more Formula 1”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Two Grands Prix have yet to shake Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon. Because after the race in Mexico at the end of October, the Crimson-Bull leadership wants to decide who in the coming year teammate of Max Verstappen in the top team. The Frenchman hopes for a “fair” decision.

Pierre Gasly, Alexander Albon


Gasly vs. Albon: The duel for the Crimson-Bull-Cockpit (*****************************************************************************) Zoom Download

“I stopped reading everything that was said about it, I focus on myself, but they talked to Alex and me about it, hopefully there will be a fair decision,” Gasly comments on his plans for

The Frenchman experienced this year Kwjat fate, he was downgraded during the current season due to lack of results from top team Crimson Bull to the junior team Toro Rosso. Since Belgium, he is back for the young bulls on the Originate, so far he drove twice (Belgium, Singapore) in the top (********************************************************************.)

Gasly: ​​”My life is Formula 1″ in the RB (*********************************************************************************************) not – while teammate Max Verstappen could win races. “I know that I'm responsible for what happened.”

How did he do it in the last five races of the season? “The only thing I can do now is to improve myself and learn from this experience for the future, and make sure I do not get into such a pain again.”

It was a pity that he was sent through this harsh school to learn from, Gasly regrets the rapid change. “I just want to deliver even better results, that will affect my future, perfection does not exist and I can always get better.”

(******************************************************************) Why Crimson replaced Bull Gasly with Albon

At first glance, the decision to replace Pierre Gasly with Alexander Albon is surprising. But Crimson Bull follows a clear pla 11 Other Formula 1 Movies

One stands for the (************************************************************************************) – Yearlings firmly: “My life is Formula 1, I do not want to change that.” He also wants to stay in the premier class (************************************************************************************************************************************************) Turn your back. “They say that they will decide between Alex and me, that's the only thing that's out of the question.”

Postscript: “My goal is to race in the next (*************************************************************************************************) years of my life being in this paddock, now I'm only (**********************************************************************************************) years, I am fully focused on Formula 1. ” The question remains open only where he will find a cockpit in the coming years.

In Toro Rosso he seems to have recovered from the shock demotion a little. The STR (*************************************************************************************************) behaves for the most part the way he wants it. “The battle at Crimson Bull does not work that way, but I do not think that's the main reason for my troubles battle,” he also stresses.

Constructors -WM battle Argument for changing drivers at. Especially in Russia he has made “one more step”, he is pleased. Specifically, the driving is about being able to brake later, Gasly reveals.

“I still have a little too much understeer for my taste, but we try that with the Contrivance-up get a grip on it. ” At the Crimson Bull, he felt a shift in steadiness that did not improve with the developments in the season.

Nevertheless, the Frenchman in the top car could not match the performance of Max Verstappen. This raises the question as to whether the Dutchman who is using the RB (****************************************************************************************************) could win in Austria and Germany, make the car look better with its results than it actually is?


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