Lewis Hamilton acknowledges that he has been seriously worried about Sebastian Vettl, who has received a lot of criticism in recent months, but the current World Champion is pleased that the German is in the best shape for all critics answered with a victory in Singapore.

Both Hamilton and Vettel began their Formula One careers 2007, and together they have won 9 World Cup titles at the moment.

Hamilton, who acknowledged that he had been a little worried about his rival, who had recently been in a minor crisis, told Channel 4:

Actually, I was a little worried about Vettle. I have known him for a very long time because he belongs to the same generation. I know how it is when people talk about you negatively, they write you off, but at the same time your teammate gets all the energy of the team. I know the psychological burden that an athlete feels in such moments and Seb has been under a lot of pressure in recent months. I spoke to some people in the F1 world who told us Sebastian was written off. I'm glad he answered them in the best way possible. He won in Singapore as well as in Russia and showed great racing.

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