Dutch racer and journalist Tom Coronel is convinced that Max Verstappen must do everything in his power to secure a seat at Ferrari as soon as possible. Coronel believes that Verstappen is currently racing on “no-man's land” because Red Bull cannot keep up with Mercedes and Ferrari.

After celebrating Max Verstappen racing in Austria and Germany this year, Red Bull slipped to average after a summer break, and concerns about the Red Bulls team's form have already been voiced by Red Bull's first star father, Jos Verstappen.

Coronel is convinced that Verstappen should replace the team as soon as possible:

“Max just can't handle the attachment because Mercedes and Ferrari are so much faster. At the moment, there is a race on “no one's land” and no one wants it. Max's goal is just to win the title, and in his place, he would do anything to make it as soon as possible in Ferrari. ”

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