(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Originally electric blankets in Formula 1 should be prohibited from the season (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************) become. Not all Groups were convinced of this Conception , and also tire manufacturer Pirelli was critical. According to 'auto motor und sport' , it now looks that the ban on electric blankets has been postponed for two years and 2023

Sebastian Vettel


Are the electric blankets 2021 not yet disappearing from Formula 1? (*************************************************) Derive

Argument are the new (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) and are already an unknown for Groups and Pirelli. An electric blanket ban would add another new factor to this equation. A risk that not everyone wants to take. It remains to be seen when the ban will come – and if at all.

Incidentally, there are also supporters of the ban among the groups, because this would save legitimate season a lot of money. Alfa Romeo team manager Beat Zehnder speaks on average in this context (***************************************************************************************) Euro legitimate year. In addition one hopes that from a prohibition also the motion on the distance could profit.

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