(Motorsport-Entire.com) – The Formula 1 season 2019 has become a debacle for Williams developed. The tradition team has a meager World Cup point five races to go before the end of the season – and Robert Kubica won the Chaos race in Hockenheim under very lucky circumstances. Already during the winter tests it became apparent that it would not be a good year for Williams.

George Russell


George Russell trusts Williams that 2019 everything will be better Zoom Download

The FW 100 did not finish in time , and so Williams started with a huge backlog into the season, which still runs after today. However, George Russell is optimistic about (*********************************************************************************) Percent sure we will not make the same mistakes again in the coming year that we did this year. “

“I would bet my house that we will have a car at the winter tests next year from the first mark and I am very confident that we will be more competitive next year,” explains Russell, who will drive 2020 for the personnel . “We're on the right track right now,” the rookie is certain.

The year of crisis 2019 he even sees positive in some ways. “This year has given us a very good opportunity to play a bit with the place-up,” he reveals, among other things. Because one stands at the end of the field anyway and therefore has nothing to lose, one could currently, for example, try some “more extreme” ways.

Even in the factory you have the opportunity Correct things “[zuvor] might not be right.” Russell recalls: “The staff had (****************************************************************************) and and the engine is so powerful battle. “

In the current mission you have the opportunity to take care of such” Main aspects “. The seasons each on the third world championship place from. Among other things, it benefited from the superior Mercedes engine at the beginning of the hybrid era. 2016 threatens one of the worst World Cup results in the more than 40 – years of history of the Groups.

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