Former Formula 1 racer Jean Alesi is convinced that the FIA ​​should penalize speeding in excursion zones, as this could prevent some of the serious accidents we've seen lately.

This year's collision in the excursion zone was fatal for young Formula 2 racer Antoine Hubert, and in the F2 race in Sochi, Nikita Mazepin was fined for a run-in with a collision with Jack Aitken

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Former F1 racer Jean Alesi is convinced that FIA acceleration in excursion zones should be punished strictly.

“Sometimes fate sends us a message. The sandy excursion zones were replaced by asphalt ones, which proved to be very dangerous, with the victim being Anthoine Hubert. It happens that racers continue at an unprecedented speed when traveling off the track, as they do not want to lose extra seats. Any acceleration in the excursion zones should be punished strictly, as this is the only way to prevent racers from continuing to do so. Slower riders may have lost some more places, but we would not see the situations we have witnessed lately. ”

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