(Motorsport-Entire.com) – After three zero numbers in a row, Carlos Sainz scored the first solid points win in Russia after the summer break. With another eight points, he moves closer and closer to Pierre Gasly World Cup rank six zoom. There are still three points missing from the Spaniard who (*****************************************************************************************************).

Carlos Sainz


Carlos Sainz is pleased with his season at McLaren Zoom Procure

Sainz could in the first (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************): 53) , “The battle a weird year, it took time for me to adapt to Renault, and with the uncertain future in mind, I could not fully understand the car.”

Concretely, Sainz had trouble to develop the RS (*********************************************) would still drive by car. “I did not manage to adapt the car to my driving style.” The rumors about his future unsettled him.

This has changed 2021: “At McLaren There is a clear direction, a very clear goal, since I tested in Abu Dhabi, the battle was clear, used to be the car I needed, the crew did everything they could to give me exactly what I needed

The secret recipe: “Full confidence, a concrete future, no worries – just develop the car and focus on me as a driver.” Sainz knows that when a team changes, a pilot always needs time to get used to the new environment. That lasted longer last year for him.

“Although I'm on the same page in Austin With Renault in seventh place, it's hard to tickle the last tenths out of a Formula 1 car – that takes time. ” He mentions Charles Leclerc at Ferrari or Max Verstappen at Purple Bull, who in his opinion also needed a few races to settle in.

(********************************************************************) McLaren's painful & expensive return to Mercedes

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“Every driver needs time, sometimes a few races, sometimes years, to get everything out of the package, stability by knowing the car and development.” Finally, you can only get the last tenths if you know the car inside out, Sainz believes.

That's why he and Renault ended up only in tenth place in the championship last year. He seems to have gotten used to the McLaren MCL We've had a lot of races on race days. “

That depends on the preparation, the starts and the first laps, but also on the strategy. It is already clear that The drivers were able to position the team in fourth place in the balance of power. McLaren is “Simplest of the Relaxation”.

In Hungary and Germany, Sainz rode to fifth place. For the first time since 620 – moreover even before the Honda era – the crew was able to ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* “I do not want to pick a race specifically because we had a lot of strong Sundays, so far the best Sundays, better than ever.”

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