Formula 1 has confirmed that, unless the weather makes it impossible to qualify even on Sunday morning, the start of the race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki will be determined by the results of another free training.

Formula One has officially confirmed before the start of the first free training session before the Japanese GP that the entire Saturday program will be canceled due to the upcoming typhoon Hagibis, with qualifications scheduled for Sunday morning, four hours before the start. racing for the GP of Japan.

Typhoon Hagibis will hit the track on Saturday in the middle of the day, and Formula 1 and the FIA ​​have preventively decided to cancel the entire Saturday event. Typhoon brings with it heavy rainfall and winds that are expected to blow at 150 km / h, and Saturday's race day is due to safety of F1 caravan and spectators canceled.

The qualifiers will thus be scheduled for Sunday at 10: 00 local time (03: 00, and the start of the race will be four hours later (7: 10 Slovenian time).

If the weather conditions do not allow qualifications to be held on Sunday, the starting race type in Suzuki will be determined on the basis of the results of the second free training.

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