Despite the weather forecast suggesting that the track in Suzuka is hit by typhoon Hagibis on Saturday, which will bring heavy rainfall and heavy wind, Red Bull sports boss Helmut Marko is convinced that nothing special will happen in Japan, and  F1 will lose its racing day.

Formula 1 officially confirmed before the start of the first free pre-race training for the Japanese GP that the entire Saturday program will be canceled due to the upcoming typhoon Hagibis, with qualifications scheduled for Sunday morning, four hours before the start of the GP of Japan.

Red Bull Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko, who does not believe the weather, commented on the cancellation decision for German AMuS:

“We were banned from paddock on Saturday, so we have a break day. I will head to Kyoto myself which is supposed to be a nice place. I am sure that nothing will happen like the year 2004. Even then, we lost all day without a real reason. ”

Typhoon Hagibis will hit the track on Saturday in the middle of the day, and  F1 and the FIA ​​have preventively decided to cancel the entire Saturday event. Typhoon brings with it heavy rainfall and winds, which are expected to blow at speeds above 150 km / h, and Saturday’s race day is canceled due to the safety of the F1 caravan and spectators.

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