(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren will then return to the old engine partner Mercedes . Moments it looks like after that the French will equip in the next season only the own factory team with drives . According to team boss Cyril Abiteboul this must not be a disadvantage for Renault – on the contrary.

Cyril Abiteboul


Cyril Abiteboul sees the farewell to McLaren also positive Zoom Obtain

“For the coming year, it will have no effect because the engine is already ready for the coming year, it is already under scrutiny,” he reveals, pointing to the long lead time in the development of the Energy Unit. “So nothing will affect (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************. “If you have multiple customers, […] then we always try to satisfy everyone and take into account all the comments on installation and so on,” he reveals, explaining, “So that will be a distraction less america self concentrate. ” So could the factory team even benefit from it?


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Abiteboul admits it's a pity to lose McLaren as a customer. “But in terms of what we need to achieve and deliver for Renault, it has absolutely no impact,” he says. Incidentally, this also applies to the financial side, because a customer less logically means less revenue. “From an economic perspective, there is absolutely no effect,” he assures.

Because Renault sells his engines like a flash without profit and can only use the revenue resulting from the Cover cost. Became once Abiteboul does not respond: In principle, a customer team also has its advantages. For example, it makes it easier to collect data when the Renault engine is in four and not just two Formula One cars.

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