Der neue DS E-Tense FE20 - Foto: DS
The new DS E-Tense FE (***********************************************************************************************) – Photo: DS (**************************************************************)

In developing the new DS E-Tense FE (************************************************************************************************) the crew used his experiences from the past years.

The new monocoque was further developed by DS TECHEETAH, especially with regard to the diagram. The sporty elegant Scrutinize, which is created by the painting in black and gold, is now reinforced by a frame. This picks up both colors and the brand logo. The DS E-Tense FE (********************************************************************************************) two laurel wreaths that symbolize the two championship victories of the group. On the vehicle of the two-time champion Jean-Éric Vergne, two golden stars also show off. (**************************************************************************************************) Display

Technically, the DS E-Tense FE Our engineers have optimized most of the vehicle components rather than completely rethinking the car. The engine, inverter and transfer case have been improved – we made more in-depth changes to the embedded systems, “said Xavier Mestelan Pinon, Director of DS Performance. (********************************************************************************************) Keith Smout, DS TECHEETAH Chief Commercial Officer: “The diagram of the DS E-Tense FE (***************************************************************************************************************************! We wanted to stay true to our past and remember our achievements by maintaining the now iconic black and gold livery. If you look up close, the pattern on our ticket, the Cheetah's Head, is an allusion to our continued support of The Immense Cat Sanctuary, which is dedicated to the protection of cheetahs and other big cats. This topic is more important than ever and is very important to us. ”

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