Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto revealed that the Maranello team had received FIE instructions that Charles Leclerc had to stop for a damaged front wing, although they did not intend to do so at Ferrari.

Leclerc collided with Max Verstappen in the opening lap of the race, and Monacan, despite a badly damaged front wing, remained on the track for a few laps, receiving a penalty mark . seconds .

Following the race, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto revealed that Leclerc's stop was the result of FIE instructions.

“The FIA ​​called us and told us that Leclerc had to go to the boxes, as particles from his car were missing. We tried to convince them that Charles would stay on the track, since in the meantime he had already dropped much of his wing, but we did not succeed. We had to make a stop, but obviously we still did it too late, as we were fined after the race. ”

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