The FIA ​​has seized the steering wheel and control electronics of the Renault team after the race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki on suspicion of irregularities, which will be the subject of a thorough analysis to determine whether the commission could be fined for Daniel Ricciard and Nice Hulkenberg.

After the end of the race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki, Racing Point filed an official whine against both Renault racers, who allegedly violated FIE technical regulations when racing using an automatic braking system.

The FIE commissioners called for both teams to defend themselves, as Racing Point suspects that Renault was racing in Suzuki with an automatic brake control system that is supposed to vary according to fuel quantity.

If the FIA ​​confirm the suspicions of the Canadian team, this would be a violation of FIE technical rules, which forbids such solutions, and Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg, who ended the race in Suzuki among the points winners, would most likely be disqualified.

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