Reputable F1 journalist Peter Windsor believes that by winning Suzuki, Valtteri Bottas showed why, as an excellent second driver and assistant to Lewis Hamilton, he deserves a seat at Mercedes in the upcoming F1 season.

Valtteri Bottas took the lead after a great start and then controlled the race with sovereign driving and celebrated the big race victory for the GP of Japan in Suzuki.

British journalist Peter Windsor is convinced that Finn has reasserted his position on the team with a sovereign performance.

“Bottas has been a perfect race from the start of extinguish. At times, it looked like something could happen, but Valtteri was in high form and in the end won without major problems. He has proven that he can be an excellent assistant to Lewis Hamilton, who can take advantage of his team-mate's worse day and replace him at the top of the race, much like Rubens Barrichello did in the past. “

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