Former racer and columnist Jolyon Palmer is surprised by Max Verstappen’s comments, who reminding FIA stewards that they should punish Charles Leclerc for first lap incident.

Verstappen and Leclerc collided in the first corner of the Suzuka race and while Ferrari driver took the seventh in the finish, Verstappen ended the race prematurely due to a damaged car.

The Dutchman, who was very dissatisfied with Leclerc’s driving, expressed his belief after the race that the FIA ​​should have penalized Leclerc for the incident.

Jolyon Palmer called Verstappens’s complaint for BBC Radio, ironic.

“It’s ironic that Mr.” aggressive “is complaining about Leclerc’s drive. A racer who has repeatedly kicked someone off the track as soon as that happens to him completely turn the board. Max has caused so many incidents in the past that he really is not the right person for such complaints. ”

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