Former Formula 1 racer Ralf Schumacher is convinced Racing Racing would not file a protest against Renault, and he says the French manufacturer is threatened with a severe penalty comparable to the one in the year 2007 for the Spygate affair received by Mclaren.

Following the suspicion of the Japanese GP in Suzuki, the FIA ​​has seized the steering wheel and control electronics, which will be the subject of a thorough analysis to suspend the irregularity. the commission will decide on a possible sentence for Daniel Ricciard and Nice Hulkenberg.

After finishing the race for the GP of Japan, Suzuki filed an official direct at

. parties against both Renault racers who allegedly violated FIE technical regulations when racing using an automatic braking system.

The FIE commissioners called for both teams to defend themselves, as Racing Point suspects that Renault was racing in Suzuki with an automatic braking system that was supposed to vary according to fuel quantity.

Ralf Schumacher believes Racing Point would not have made such a protest without evidence:

You can be sure that you do not file such a competition complaint unless you are 100% sure. Renault could receive a severe penalty that would be a disaster for them. If the allegations are true, it would be a great advantage for the racer to brake significantly later than the competition.

If the FIA ​​would confirm the Canadian team's suspicions, it would be in violation of FIE technical rules forbidding such solutions, and Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg, who finished the race in Suzuki, would be all over probabilities disqualified.

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