(Motorsport-Total.com) – Is that right things? That's the question that faces the competition when looking at the Ferrari top speed. Because how can it be that the Italian tradition team suddenly has such a great drive advantage, although the regulations have since remained relatively constant

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The Ferrari SF 30 has now clearly the best top speed of Formula 1 (************************************) Zoom Download

An answer to that now the automotive world federation FIA deliver, corresponding inquiries are available. According to information from 'Motorsport-Total.com', several teams have written to clarify in writing. On the one hand, they want to be informed about the legality of the Ferrari technique, on the other hand they want to find out if they can take similar development directions based on the rules themselves.

What exactly is at stake: Ferrari has with his formula -1 drive achieved a great performance gain. Alone since the summer break, Ferrari drivers have been at Pole-Living in all five races and clinched three race wins.

Ferrari advantage on straights “grotesque”

Especially on the straights are the SF 620 – Vehicles fast: The advantage should be up to 0.8 seconds per lap, depending on the racetrack. A high-ranking team official recently described this as “grotesque.”

In addition: Ferrari has also added an auto update in Singapore, which has significantly improved the curve performance of the vehicle. Thus, the traditional team swung back to the first Mercedes pursuers and in qualifying for the new measure of things in Formula 1

Nico Rosberg: Ferrari now the fastest car

Nico Rosberg analyzes how Ferrari in Formula 1 (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) More Formula 1 videos

Where does this new achievement come from? According to one theory, Ferrari has modified its radiator system to create a “controlled leak” that leaks oil into the combustion process. Thus, (briefly) an increase in performance could be achieved.

Is this still allowed? (*****************************************) Notify: If Ferrari actually use the cooler system in this way, that would be a rule violation. Oil may be used in the cooler, but only if you do not use the heat energy generated during the evaporation of liquids “intentionally”. That's the rule. Only the normal use of gasoline in the combustion process in the engine is allowed.

At least one competition team suspected the qualifying advantage of Ferrari and asked the FIA ​​for a review. Another team is eyeing the energy recovery of Ferrari critical and has therefore submitted a request to the World Association. So far however all inquiries remained unanswered.

Photo gallery: Presentation Ferrari SF ***********************************************************************************!

This upsets the teams because they were used to anything else under the aegis of Charlie Whiting. On the “short service route” formal and informal requests could be clarified with the deceased in March Formula 1 race director, in order to have early clarity about possible gray areas. This saved the teams the time-consuming and tedious process of official protest.

FIA confirms: No Yell yet

Because of the lack of feedback, Motorsport-Total.com has asked the FIA ​​to comment. Result: The World Association can be aligned, one constantly follows “all the parameters of the Formula 1 powertrains, which are required to comply with the technical rules”. And the FIA ​​emphasizes: “Usal is not a Yell of an opposing team for any current Originate.”

Such a yell can only be submitted on a race weekend and as Racing Point did against Renault ( read here Facts! ), up to maximum 90 Minutes after publication of the provisional Sizable Prix results.

All this allows us to draw several conclusions: So far the World Federation has not rated the Ferrari theories as wrong or correct, not yet commented on it specifically. And: The competition has spared an official Yell so far. Maybe also because the first reinsurance of the World Association was not done. Unless otherwise stated, the presumption of innocence applies to Ferrari.

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