Sebastian Vettel points out that it is still too early to say that Charles Leclerc is the best teammate he has had in his 13 Formula One career.

Vettel is 9 points behind his team-mate four races before the end of the season, and Leclerc also leads 9-6 in the qualifying duel of Ferrari racers.

Despite the excellent form shown by Charles Leclerc this season, the four-time World Champion points out that it is too early to claim that young Monacan is the best teammate he has had in his career.

“Surely Leclerc is very fast, but I would hardly say he is the best teammate of my career. I have raced with many great racers and each one had their own qualities, but at the same time there were different periods. Charles is still very young, for example Heed Webber and Kimi Raikkonen are already very experienced. At the same time, I also had a lot of problems with the car this season, and as a result I did not race to the best of my ability. “

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