Binotto: Ferrari listened to Vettl when choosing a strategy


After the race for the GP of Mexico, Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto revealed that the opinion of Sebastian Vettl, who expressed his desire to continue racing with the first set of tires, was crucial in choosing Ferrari's strategy.

Ferrari racers started the race in Mexico from the first starting line, and thanks to an unfortunate strategy, Vettel and Leclerc only crossed the finish line in second and fourth place.

Ferrari was surprised by Lewis Hamilton's early stop, after which Vettel radioed his team on radio: “Let him go. Let's continue as the tires are still good. ”

After the race, Binotto revealed that the Maranello team relied on the feelings of their racer:

“Hamilton left the station very early, and at that moment we did not expect it to endure at the end. We followed Sebastian's opinion and ultimately decided to extend the first leg of the race, in order to have the benefit of fresher tires at the end. After the battle, it can be frequent. We might have to take more risks, but we were running the race and in that situation, the risk is much harder to afford. ”

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