F1 – 2019 United States Mammoth Prix Saturday Press Conference Transcript



1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – Sebastian VETTEL (Ferrari)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta)


Q: Valtteri, congratulations, man. That’s got the crew labored up, to bring collectively a pole arena as of late. It regarded moderately surprising the day prior to this however you’re starting on the entrance row.

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, if truth be told at ease about that. It was a good lap in the starting of Q3. You rarely ever bring collectively those vogue of laps and on a observe cherish this it’s a goal feeling. The day gone by was tricky, there were many issues no longer somewhat upright with my car however we managed to bring collectively your entire causes and we did goal work this morning with finding your entire principal options and I could most seemingly furthermore precise bring collectively the places I wished to if truth be told focal point on and, yeah, I knew build it collectively, however to build it collectively, it was a good feeling to if truth be told have it in Q3.


Q: you nailed the first lap in Q3, stipulations regarded cherish they got worse. Become it very tricky on the stop?

VB: The closing bustle there was moderately less grip total. Sector 1 I was already losing one or two tenths. I’m chuffed no-one could most seemingly furthermore enhance on the stop and I couldn’t both, so at ease days.


Q: I’m going to lift moderately of credit for getting you that espresso this morning. You owe me one, however congratulations, properly accomplished. Sebastian, lining up on the entrance row, it’s a protracted bustle up that hill. How are you feeling?

Sebastian VETTEL: I possess it looks to be like a shorter distance on the internal, no? I guess that’s what I want to roar, being second. No, congrats to Valtteri, obviously it was very thrilling because we were all so close. I belief I had moderately of bit more. I left some in the high poke for the closing bustle, however in my closing bustle once I got there I was already moderately of bit down. I had two first price laps. There was consistently… one hundredths, you know, there is constantly somewhere. But total, at ease, let’s survey for the next day. Hoping for a goal delivery up and then for a goal poke.


Q: I guess the foremost thing for you guys and the advantage comes down to the first lap and likewise you’ll strive to make employ of that additional poke you’ve got on the straight?

SV: Yeah, it’s no longer that long and portion of it’s miles uphill, however we are able to survey. I hope to win a goal delivery up off the line, which is ready to be principal, and then we are able to survey where it takes. Obviously all of us are on the medium tyre, so no person has a bonus there and then, yeah, it’s a protracted term. We can win a busy poke the next day. The first lap for certain is principal however there is a vogue of racing after that.


Q: Max, P3, I know you’re no longer going to be pleased with that however additional up and it places you in the fight.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Absolutely. I possess for us on this observe to be that aggressive was a extremely goal result. Qualifying was precise very tight.


Q: And I guess the poke… you regarded very solid the day prior to this. Are you going to be on this fight your entire manner and pushing?

MV: Let’s survey. In most cases we are somewhat goal in the poke and likewise now this time, even when put next to closing year, we were far more aggressive in qualifying. In truth that provides us far more hope for the next day, so let’s survey what’s going to happen.




Q: Many congratulations Valtteri. Fifth in Q1, sixth in Q2 and then that shimmering pole lap in Q3.

VB: Thank you. Yeah, it undoubtedly felt goal placing that lap collectively in the starting of Q3. After the day prior to this it was no longer a easy day to skill as I had a sophisticated day the day prior to this. Fortunately, we chanced on many issues ion the automobile that were no somewhat upright and likewise the predicament-up course we modified utterly and it felt severely better this morning. Then I was precise specializing in the issues that topic and the places I wished to enhance. So I had a extremely determined imaginative and prescient in my solutions of have it alternatively it was then down to if truth be told doing it and it felt goal to win that lap in Q3. Though Q1 and Q2 were moderately off I knew it was somewhere there and I managed to bring collectively it.


Q: Now, let’s stay up for the next day. It is miles also principal to prefer this poke to address the championship alive. Are you pleased with you car’s long-bustle tempo?

VB: I possess as we win seen goal no longer too long ago, usually on Sundays we are aggressive. So, it’s obviously very goal starting from pole right here. Some corners are somewhat to follow for the autos on the wait on of. I possess we win the tempo for that and that’s going to be the one thing in my solutions for the next day. Now, you know, only a extremely, very small portion of the weekend is accomplished. The immense portion that issues is the next day and I want to focal point on that.


Q: Many congratulations Valtteri. Forty-three per cent of the races right here were won from pole. Sebastian, your 100th profession entrance-row delivery up. How aesthetic is that?

SV: Gosh, I’m getting used. Obviously it was a extremely high-quality session, it was if truth be told fun to power the automobile thus afternoon, however while you happen to’re so near pole and precise on the injurious facet of it then I guess Valtteri had moderately more fun. It was OK. I don’t know, what was the opening? It was very small, cherish one or two hundredths. So that is constantly there. I had a extremely goal first lap and I had some margin per chance in the closing sector where I was per chance taking it moderately of however too conservative, guaranteeing that I carried out the lap, predicament the lap first and then enhance on the second lap. Sadly, I didn’t enhance, so my thought didn’t somewhat work. General, it was goal. I possess we are able to win a solid poke the next day. The car felt severely better as of late than the day prior to this, which will seemingly be what we wanted, so let’s survey what occurs the next day.


Q: What are the ways for your manner to Flip 1 the next day. Comprise you possess the particular person next to which it’s doubtless you’ll be moderately of bit tentative due to the championship? Are you hoping that’s the case anyway?

SV: I don’t know, I’ll precise cross him and then we’ll survey what occurs! If he’s considering about it then I win a goal probability. We’ll survey. Obviously it’s a protracted term. The first lap is principal however we win a vogue of laps after that. But once I will cross him, I cross him.


Q: Max, you were the one one in the high three to enhance for your closing lap in Q3. You undoubtedly talked about over the radio that you win gone moderately of bit too early on that closing lap. Comprise you possess it mark you any time?

MV: No, I precise wondered if we were going moderately early however they precise talked about we were ahead of the snarl when put next to the Ferrari and Mercedes autos, in bid that was it.


Q: And precise uncover us about that second lap. It is so close between the three of you. Be pleased you ever been ready to pinpoint where the time is, where you were ready to bring collectively pole arena?

MV: Successfully, I possess in no longer unique Q3 was moderately more of a sophisticated session than Q2, as an illustration, where I chanced on the grip was per chance no longer the identical – however useless to roar that’s the identical for everyone. It was precise moderately more difficult to bring collectively your lap out and yeah, in no longer unique it was precise very certain for us in qualifying to be that close. When put next to closing year we made a extremely immense step ahead and, anyway, now the closing two races, I possess, we were far more aggressive. So that is terribly certain. I possess we are undoubtedly enhancing and finding out, and likewise taking a look ahead for next year, I possess we are undoubtedly going in the upright course. And yeah, in no longer unique very delighted. I possess your entire weekend, we had somewhat a relaxed weekend. I did no longer if truth be told win a vogue of wretchedness with the predicament-up or no topic. So, to be right here in the high three, useless to roar I’d win cherished to take a seat down in the guts bit tranquil, I possess it’s been very certain.



Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Query for you Max, could most seemingly furthermore you please focus on us thru the say, I possess in Q2, Q3 with Lewis? It was a pleasing close one.

MV: Yep. So, we were all lining up to have our lap, or to bring collectively to the closing corner, and I possess it was Seb, the first Ferrari, then Charles and then I had Dany in entrance of me and we were all precise slowing down to originate set, and Lewis precise drove by cherish no person was there and didn’t care. So I was cherish: properly, while you happen to don’t care, I haven’t any longer’ care. So, I are searching out for to bring collectively my arena wait on. I mean, everyone’s precise respecting each and each assorted at that time, precise to delivery up the lap. That’s why it was such a detailed call.


Q: (Abhishek Aggarwal – Indiainf1.com) Query to your entire drivers. So, in the first three snarl sessions we heard out of your entire drivers the observe was moderately bumpy. We survey lock-united statesand autos being spun. So, in the poke the next day how principal is the tyre management, and win you ever realistic any assorted technique to address tyres? What are your solutions about that?

VB: I possess with the bumps right here, precise the foremost arena where it must if truth be told win an impact for your poke, while you happen to’ve immense lock-united statesinto Flip One under braking. These are somewhat immense bumps – however usually, even supposing, while you happen to lock the wheels, you are going to bring collectively better. So, I don’t possess it’s going to originate cherish a extensive difference. Every observe, there’s tricky options, tricky places which which it’s doubtless you’ll if truth be told damage the tyres and, obviously, coming into the weekend and in the weekend we’ve accomplished your entire diagnosis already for the long runs by manner of, in theory, where are the generous places to address the tyres, and where to be moderately of cautious at instances, while you happen to can, etc. So commerce as celebrated, I’d roar.


Q: Sebastian, how worthy worse are the bumps this year, when put next to closing year?

SV: A lot worse! I possess the bottom is the say right here, it moves, for some causes. I don’t know what they build in under the observe after they were laying the observe however yeah, I possess they are conscious. I mean, they tried everything. They brought some of us out closing evening to grind parts of the observe again to strive to originate it better for us – however now there’s no longer so worthy which it’s doubtless you must always have. We’ll survey, as Valtteri talked about, it’s no longer going to commerce the field upside down the next day in the poke. I possess it’s more a subject for quali where you’re if truth be told pushing to the final limit and, you traipse also a great deal faster. So, I guess the next day must be honest – however for certain this could be a bumpy poke. I hope all three of us have properly the next day however I possess the closing thing we’d like is somebody tapping our shoulders despite everything the tapping we bring collectively thru the corners across the observe. So, yeah, we’ll survey what occurs.


And Max, your solutions.

MV: Yeah, no longer far more to add, is there? I will roar the identical, however…


Q: (Lennart Wermke – Bild) Seb, ask for you. Frankfurt beat Bayern Munich 5-1 as of late in the Bundesliga, I feel that’s somewhat an emotional result for you, what’s your thought on that sport and have you’re feeling for Niko Kovač who’s very worthy under power as a Bayern Munich coach?

SV: We’re taking part in football or we are racing right here? Is it that boring to examine? You do no longer win any ask about what we if truth be told have? I possess there’s rain forecast in China the next day. Would you cherish me to reveal on that?

VB: I heard it’s snowing in Finland…

SV: I’m a immense Frankfurt fan however, to be goal, I did no longer know. I chanced on out precise ahead of qualifying, so obviously by then the game was accomplished. I possess it’s a goal result for my crew and Niko Kovač has been portion of Frankfurt for some time, so useless to roar I feel for him – however I hope he finds wait on the success very soon.


Q: (Michael Schmidt – Auto Motor und Sport) Query to Seb and to Max. The bustle to the first corner is pleasing short, alternatively it’s uphill. Does that enhance the potentialities to overhaul when put next to the identical distance however flat?

SV: Successfully, they roar we win more energy so potentially it helps if it’s uphill, because you’d like more energy however, yeah, it’s no longer an abominable long manner. We can all strive to win a goal delivery up and then you undoubtedly traipse from there. That’s the focal point. I possess the uphill bit doesn’t commerce so worthy. It’s trickier right here for braking, so I possess we prefer to be watching out however assorted than that…

Q: Max, you’ll be on the cleaner facet of the grid…

MV: yeah, I possess it’s more than that the observe is terribly extensive, so which it’s doubtless you’ll useless to roar have a vogue of various traces, when put next to some assorted tracks where it’s precise very slim. I possess the uphill bit… it’s that short and, useless to roar, energy issues moderately, cherish Seb talked about, however no longer passable, I guess, to originate a immense difference.


Q: (Dan Knutson – Auto Motion / Tempo Sport) For all three. The bumps were wicked however were you ever even vaguely tempted with your engineers to have a softer suspension surroundings?

MV: I possess you largely be all ears to it however fortunately in most places… it’s only if truth be told Flip One where it must impact you however, useless to roar, while you happen to will traipse plenty softer then it influences the relaxation of the observe, so once shortly you precise prefer to are residing with per chance moderately of bit more subject into Flip One.

VB: No, we didn’t if truth be told are searching out for to have that worthy compromise due to the bumps. The losses then, in assorted places will seemingly be somewhat immense, so we precise prefer to strive to address the bumps, and we belief that’s the generous manner for this observe, this year.

SV: No compromise, no sacrifice! Set a cushion in my seat, that’s the one thing to melt it.


Q: (Erik van Haren – De Telegraaf ) Max, are you stunned in regards to the efficiency of your car, because you sound manner more certain than about a weeks ago?

MV: Yeah, I possess useless to roar Mexico was very goal however we also anticipated it to be aggressive. But useless to roar the races we had ahead of that weren’t cherish we wanted so I was a tranquil moderately ‘enough, let’s survey if we chanced on the efficiency wait on?’ and clearly this weekend was very certain total so I possess we are able to also be very at ease about it. Love I talked about ahead of, it’s a goal effort from the crew as properly to no longer give up and precise shield pushing and verify out to bring collectively the efficiency wait on cherish we also had if truth be told ahead of the spoil. That’s why I guess I sound moderately more certain.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) For Seb and Max: the two of you largely address near roll out somewhat cool, special crash helmet designs. We’ve had about a US specials right here. Closing weekend in Mexico Lewis requested his fans on Instagram… to quote him he requested if he belief that the rule to only win one well-known execute commerce each and each year was BS. I precise wondered what you realistic the restriction on helmet designs and if that rule was relaxed, would you have more all year long?

SV: Successfully, I commerce it anyway so… I possess it’s our helmet and we must be free to have what we prefer, so I possess the rule is well-known BS. Yeah, I possess it’s a portion of… we win very small room left to vogue of explicit ourselves and the helmet is per chance the one one and if of us cherish it, that’s expansive, if they don’t cherish it properly it’s no longer their helmet so I possess we must be accountable for designing which manner and which coloration our helmet has.

MV: Yup, I agree. I consistently loved when Seb was at Red Bull and altering his helmet each and each poke, nearly, roughly. It was cool  because you were precise cherish ‘what is he increasing with now?’ I have about a however I’m no longer going to roar I will have a definite helmet each and each poke because it’s precise too worthy effort in designing the helmet however I possess in expose for you to originate it blue or purple, the next poke, why no longer? It’s your crash helmet and likewise you must be ready to have what you’d like and useless to roar in the past, there were drivers who win consistently had the identical helmet and then they roar ‘yeah, however that’s how we are able to distinguish the drivers’ however on the stop of the day we win extensive numbers on the facet, we anyway win a halo on the high so let us have what we prefer with the helmet now. I possess anyway it’s very high-quality to win a definite execute yearly because it’s moderately boring consistently to address the identical helmet.

Q: Valtteri, have you possess it’s moderately boring to address the identical helmet?

VB: I don’t know. In most cases it’s high-quality to address the identical helmet however for certain once shortly it will seemingly be high-quality to have one thing special, each and each on occasion and clearly everyone could most seemingly win a special day, you know, no topic, or a special connection to some certain nation where you must have one thing special or pay a respect to somebody you know or no topic. It could well most seemingly be high-quality to hit upon moderately more freedom because cherish each and each of them win talked about, it’s our deepest thing. We must be up to poke of that as a replacement of someone else.


Q (Lawrence Edmonson – ESPN) Valtteri, the day prior to this it regarded equivalent to you were losing a half a second to Lewis in the guts sector by myself so was there an precise say in the automobile or was it a predicament-up thing and did you bring collectively to the bottom of it – properly you obviously did bring collectively to the bottom of it however what was it?

VB: We if truth be told chanced on a variety of issues no longer somewhat upright. A small bit bit with the predicament-up, I possess. I possess I began to traipse in the injurious course, some issues on tyre pressures, temperatures and we chanced on some causes for somewhat a immense straightline poke difference which made an have on sector two so those blended, once I began as of late in snarl three, I was cherish ‘wow, that is a definite car, it feels no longer unique’ and I was at ease again. I knew, since the first bustle this morning that it most incessantly is a goal day if we are able to bring collectively everything upright.


Q: (Jim Vertuno – Associated Press) Valtteri, how have you possess Lewis, as your crew-mate, how have you possess Lewis will react or acknowledge to starting fifth? Comprise you possess he’ll be aggressive the next day on a observe where he’s had so worthy success or have you possess he’ll wait and see and lay wait on with the championship on the line for him?

VB: I possess it could in all probability most seemingly obviously be better to quiz him at once. I don’t know what his mindset is upright now however from what I know of him, he’s going to be there, combating hard. For certain he also hates losing, he consistently desires to prefer cherish each and each of us and clearly he’s leading the championship with a immense margin, he doesn’t want many options and I’m certain he would address near prefer the championship in a good manner in the stop when and if it occurs. But obviously I will strive to extend that, I strive to focal point by myself poke, strive to focal point on a success the poke as a replacement of someone else’s opinions or mindsets.


Q: (Michael Schmidt – Auto Moto und Sport) Seb, you talked about the automobile was worthy improved when put next to the day prior to this. Become it also on the longer runs, could most seemingly furthermore you witness out in P3?

SV: Yeah, obviously we didn’t have long runs in FP3 however I possess total the automobile felt better than this morning so… we modified somewhat about a issues which I possess helped and so they’ll also support in the poke. How the tempo could be, obviously we are able to uncover the next day however at this stage I’m somewhat assured. I possess we also struggled in explicit on the hard tyres so I possess we precise didn’t bring collectively them to work and that must no longer be a subject the next day.

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