Berger: Hamilton reminds me of Senna


Former Formula One racer Gerhard Berger thinks Lewis Hamilton is the only racer on the team of former teammate Ayrton Senna.

DTM Berger, leader of the DTM Berger, together with the legendary Brazilian racer 1990 and 1992, was racing at McLarn, Austrian considers Ayrton Senna to be the best racer in Formula One history.

Berger acknowledges that Hamilton is the only racer to side with the legendary Brazilian.

“I am often asked what one of the racers is compared to Ayrton, and I have always said to them that no one reaches his attain knees. Perhaps Hamilton is the first racer to compare to Senna. Lewis is incredibly fast while making very few mistakes. It seems like he is carefully planning the entire championship and nothing is throwing him off the track. System 1 had exceptional racers like Niki Lauda, ​​Alain Prost, or Michael Schumacher, but Senna was always above them. Now I could say that Hamilton is the first racer to be at Ayrton's level. “

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