Haas team leader Guenther Steiner wants to forget this year's F1 season as soon as possible, and the US team has already turned their thoughts to the year 2020.

Haas has been plagued with many problems with the VF car 19 this season, behaving extremely unpredictably throughout the year, the US team slipping to the penultimate spot in the overall World Cup standings.

Team boss Guenther Steiner wants to forget the season 2019 as soon as possible.

“For me, the F1 season 2019 never happened and I hope I can forget it all as soon as possible. This car is completely different on every track, as it is affected by the slightest changes. If the temperature changes by a few degrees, we get a brand new car. Two more races are waiting for us, and then we have to open a new book and not just turn over a new sheet. ”

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