F1 drivers disagree: Which perspective is the best for SimRacing?


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Hours in the simulator are indispensable for today's Abilities Formula 1 drivers. In addition to the simulator in the factory of their respective groups, many pilots have such a device at home.

SimRacing: Lance Stroll im Simulator


Lance Stroll used the Simulator at Williams times extensively Zoom Download

“I have one in my apartment,” says McLaren driver Carlos Sainz, who lives in the UK. “It's one that Lando's brother built,” notes the Spaniard, referring to the Abilities in the family of his teammate Lando Norris.

“I spend a lot of time with it and always find it better Sainz continues, “The only project is that I can only use the thing when I'm at home, which is more or less Monday through Friday.”

Norris also has his own simulator at home. Do the two McLaren teammates compete in virtual races? “Yes, but not seriously, because of course he's an expert in it,” grins Sainz, speaking of “just a few laps against each other on time.”

Sainz and Norris use the same perspective in the simulator , “I drive from the cockpit perspective, because it is simply more realistic,” says Sainz. Norris agrees: “I always take the cockpit perspective and never the T-Cam.”

Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly, on the other hand, is one who has the T-Cam, the view from the top the cockpit, preferred. Norris can not understand that. “I've seen that,” he says on the appropriate Tweet from Gasly and laughs: “He has three shows and then goes with this view, which makes no sense to me.”

“One hand You try to make it as realistic as possible, but then you choose this view and I think the gamer should be forced to the cockpit perspective, “says Norris, looking at the entire eSports community.

Gasly However, there is a valid reason why he prefers the exterior view over the cockpit perspective in virtual races: “Halo is just too huge there, which I do not think is realistic.” In truth, it's hardly true when I'm playing the F1 game, I think Halo is just too big from a cockpit perspective. “

Lance Stroll is another of the current Formula One drivers who regularly spends time with SimRacing. He prefers the cockpit perspective like Sainz and Norris. However, he does not drive under his own name. “I always choose Hamilton,” says the racing point driver, explaining, “The Mercedes is just the better car, so when I tried the Racing Point, I was a long way off the lap record, you can tell.”

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