Formula 1 with a high goal: CO2 neutral by 2030!


( – Formula 1 has set itself an ambitious goal and wants to CO2 be neutral on the way. That's what the series announced tonight. The reduction of carbon dioxide starts immediately and . In other words, one would like to see a steadiness between emissions produced and emissions taken from the atmosphere.

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Formula 1 wants its CO2 Lower Footprint Zoom Salvage

The initiative includes both the Formula 1 cars themselves, the activities on the track as well as the relaxation of the operational business as a sport.

As a stopover one has 2021 set the task of sustaining all events sustainably. Formula One wants to use sustainable materials, ban one-way plastic and reuse, recycle or compost any waste. In addition, the fans should be “greener” derailed.

For the implementation, the Formula 1 works together with the FIA, its partners, promoters, sponsors and teams on solutions.

“In its Contributed to society and helped to fight carbon emissions, “says Formula 1 boss Hurry Carey. “From groundbreaking aerodynamics to improved brake designs, the process has brought benefits to hundreds of millions of road cars.”

The American also praises the current hybrid engines as the most efficient in the world. “They deliver more power and consume less gas – and therefore CO2 – than any other car,” he emphasizes.

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“We believe Formula 1 can continue to be a leader in the automotive industry, along with the energy and energy industry Carey will be the first CO2-neutral hybrid combustion engine to dramatically reduce carbon emissions around the world, “said Carey.

FIA President Jean Todt welcomes the thrust of the formula 1 and considers it “important” and “beneficial” to society as a whole. The Automobile Association has been committed to more sustainable motorsport for several years with various initiatives.

A detailed thought on the reduction of the carbon footprint will be published in parallel.

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